I’ve been writing online for about 3 years under the name Path To Manliness. 67,000 people follow me on Twitter. I’m a prolific writer and a prolific reader. The two go hand in hand. And as I watch writers come and go, those who fail have one thing in common…

You Put Your Life on Cruise Control

Your biggest problem is how complacent you are. It can be hard for many of us to admit it, but most guys will get too comfortable and lazy in their lives.

Often a long-term relationship with the wrong woman can cause this complacency…

  1. Men Are Searching For Direction — Young men feel lost and rudderless in modern life. They’re stuck pursuing a safe life they are supposed to live rather than the life they truly want.
  2. The man who constantly fears society’s judgment is forever a slave.

One of the most common struggles for men today is the lack of meaningful connections.

Your old friends are off living their own lives in different cities. Your work friends only talk about politically correct topics: the weather, sports and shows.You deserve better

You feel that your life is stagnating…

Cancel culture is holding back humanity. Which is ironic since the side that embraces cancel culture is often called “progressive.”

Much of what I write is offensive to certain people, but that doesn’t mean that I’m writing offensive content. It’s just that we live among a very vocal minority of…

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